GTA IV: Original/EFLC Script Mods v4.0+ Controls and Instructions

How to open the new v4.0 mod menu:
LB + RB, D-Pad is used to navigate.

[DDET Here are some screenshots of the basic MAIN MOD MENU (excluding the modslot menus)]

Click on the images to get a better view!
Please watch our PROMO VIDEO for a better look at the mod menu and what it does!











Known common issues and bugs:

Vehicle is stuck to the ground! (GTA IV)
In the new v4.0 mod menu, “SUPER GLUE” is activated by default which will stick your vehicle to the ground all the time. Disable it.


IMPORTANT FOR USERS WHO HAVE BOTH Episodes from Liberty City AND GTA IV (Original)

Make sure your GAMESAVE for EFLC is on a REMOVABLE storage device like a USB flash drive. When you try to play GTA IV (Original) and your gamesave for ORIGINAL is in the SAME PLACE as EFLC, when you load up GTA IV (Original) it will tell you to start a new game. To play mods with GTA IV (Original) you need to make sure there is no other gamesave for EFLC inserted when you start it up. The game WILL NOT load when you DON’T start from a gamesave that is saved at the first house after the first mission.

WARNING! Some MODSLOTS (Content created by other modders) will cause freezing!

[DDET Player Options]

-Online Players
— Gives a list of players in the lobby, with multiple options of exploding,setting fire etc.
— Allows the player for voice and special movements
-Give health & armor
— Refills the players health and armor back to 100%
— Gives the player invicibility, from all objects/players in the game
-never wanted
— the cops (if enabled) will ignore everything you do
-smart protection
— smart protection is like a huge bubble that protects from any kind of object in the game
-super run
— causes the player to run super fast
-super hops
— causes the player to jump very high in the air
— gives the player a bubble when someone comes near they immideatelly die
— Sets the player on fire (God mode must be disabled)
— A list of bodyguards that will defend and attack any given player specified.
— Casting fire in a row from a bowling Ball

[DDET Player Options – Online Players (All)]

-Give Weapons & Armor
— Gives all players weapons and full armor
-Remove Weapons
— Removes all Online players weapons (in lobby)
-Talking Chaos
— Unkown.
-Vehicle Train
— All players cars get trapped to yours
— Attaches an annoying building on all players
-Delete Cars
— Deletes all Vehicles (if player is in one)
-Teleport to you
— Teleports all players to your position
-Teleport to Prison
— Teleports all players to prison cage
-Teleport to Airport
— Teleports all players to the airport
-Slingshot Cars
— makes everyones car go WEEEEEEEE
-Attach a Cube
— attaches a glowing cube on the player
-Attach a Dick
— Attaches objects made to look like a dick to the player
-Retard-ify all cars
— cars go full retard (never go full retard O_O)
-Burn all players
— grab the marshmallows?
-Chronicle all Players
-players will fly up into the air and die (if they do not have god mode)

[DDET Player Options – One Player]

-Weapon Selector
— Select a weapon for the selected player
-Add To Shortcut
— Allows you to access the player easilly
-Rank Up
— (must be host, must be in ranked game) (levels the player up)
— Series of things that will repeat itself once the player is dead
— Series of places you can teleport the player (must be in car)
— Do bad things to the selected player vehicle…
— Big Explosion, Big Success -Nikolai
— Causes the player to role on the ground like when sprayed with water
— Must be host, kicks the player out of lobby
— Freezes the player
— GET THE MARSHMALLOWS <3 -Objects -- Series of objects that you can place on the player -Bodyguards -- Send the bodyguards to do things... -Kidnap -- Traps them in your car -Spawn a car --Spawn the player a nice car -Aministrator -- GTA IS OFFICALLY RUINED -Attaches -- Attach yourself or other options to the player -Ram with Bus -- DAM look at that speed O.o [/DDET] [DDET Vehicle Options] -Car garage -- Lists all the cars in game that you are able to spawn -Vehicle helper -- Makes your vehicle invicible for non-modders (will never catch fire/explode) -Slingshot -- Casts the car into the car accross hundreds of feet -Super glue -- Causes the car to stick to the ground instead of flipping -Super speed -- Gives the player a (poor replica) of speed mods for people without them -Immobile car -- Causes the vehicle to die (no longer drivable) (must be driving) -Translucent -- Allows the player to drive through buildings and obstactles -superbike -- All bikes in the game will now fly (when you drive them) -Kill passengers -- causes sudden cardiac arrest killing all passengers in seaconds. -Delete vehicle -- causes vehicle to disapear -flip vehicle -- turns vehicle right side up, if upside down -Ejecter -- Ejects the player from the vehicle up in the air -kick player out of car -- Knocks player out of the (you) car into the wilderness -heli bomb -- Annilators can drop Big bombs on suprising players -shuffle car seats -- Moves the player over 1 seat in the car if avilable -Invisibility -- Causes the player to disapear -super lock/unlock -- Some Dam Good locks [/DDET] [DDET Weapon Options] -Weapon Selector -- Select a/multiple weapons of your choosing -Unlimited Ammo -- Gives you infinite Ammo -Fast Reload -- think of Speed Cola.... -Auto Aim -- gives the player auto aim, in those auto aim turned off games -Object Laucher -- shoot objects out of your gun -Rapid Fire -- Guns shoot faster -Car Launcher -- Shoot a car! -Portal Glock -- Teleport with a gun [/DDET] [DDET Teleports] -gives you lots of places to teleport to 😀 [/DDET] [DDET Others] -Menu Options -- List of multiple things for creativity of the menu -Throwable Objects -- List of objects that can be thrown at players -Air Strikes -- multiple places for big explosions -Drive Free -- Unkown -Join New Freemode -- go to another world... -Return to single player -- go be a black guy! -Get name of host -- captures the name of the host -Modder Protection -- stops from modders doing nooby stuff -Unlock achivements -- unlocks all achivements -Zero Gravity -- Welcome to Space -Clear Nearby Cars -- Destroys the cars nearby -Clear Nearby Peds -- deletes the peds nearby -Radio Anywhere -- Replaces the voices in your head! -Slow motion -- FUN you go slow -Weather -- Change the weather to something nice (must be host) -Concrete Barricade -- spawns a concrete barricade -Overhead cam -- Welcome to GTA 2 [/DDET] [DDET Modloader] -Funny car Menu -K3R3DORS V3 -- Unkown Controls O.o -10 MAP MODS IN 1 -- (keyboard needed) -ihaz trainer -SUPER MAN -- fly in the air -REVOLUTIONS 1.4 -- another similar mod menu, this one has some extra model changing options. -Gravity Gun -Funny car menu -another funny car menu -chromes deagle [/DDET]