Original Script Mods (New v2.0+) – Added 4-28-12

If you ordered a disc before this date, you have v1.0 script mods.

Buyers please take note that the scripts for Original come with no spawns. Since there is no point for them as you can spawn them with your script mod menus.

{——————————————————Dr x Clan V2.0 Mods———————————————}
XBOX360 Version

Mods Main Menu
Activate the Main Menu:X Dpad Down

{—————V1 Scripts Keyboard/CHATPAD (must first be enabled under “extra mods” under the main menu) ——————–}

F1-F12 functions don’t exist on the chatpad

Teleport To Waypoint – T
Lock/Unlock Vehicle Doors – L
Super Run Speed – Y
Normal Run Speed – U
Give Current Player Money – ] (Not available on chatpad)
Warp Out of Current Vehicle – [ (Not available on chatpad)
Enter Vehicle Spawner Menu – F11 (For chatpad version press S)
Toggle Vehicle Invisibility – N
Set Current Vehicle on Ground – K
Toggle Player Invisibility – V
Auto-aim Toggle – J
Wanted Level Toggle – H
Enter Model Changer Menu – F12 (For chatpad version press O)
Fix Current Vehicle – G
Give Player Poor Weapons – X
Give Player Advanced Weapons – Z
Give Player TBoGT Weapons – A
Enter Player Menu – P
Create Explosion at Player Location – E
Collect All Airport Health Packs – =
Toggle Current Vehicle Helper (Vehicles protected from explosions) – F
Toggle Player Invincibility – I
Shuffle To Next Seat – W

Airport Annihilator Helicopters – 1
Hove Beach – 2
Charge Island – 3
Helitours – 4
Star Junction – 5
Middle Park – 6
Bohan Baseball Park – 7
Happiness Island – 8
Prison Cage – 9
Sultan RS Spawn – 0
Up High – F1
Bank of Liberty – F2
Majestic Hotel – F3
Museum – F4
Rotterdam Tower – F5
Niko’s Apartment Middle Park East – F6
Meadows Park Tower – F7
FIB Building – F8

Next Vehicle – M
Previous Vehicle – B
Spawn Vehicle – Enter
Exit Vehicle Spawner Menu – Esc

Next Model – M
Previous Model – B
Change Model – Enter
Exit Model Changer Menu – Esc

Next Player – M
Previous Player – B
Exit Player Menu – Esc
Teleport to Selected Player – T
Give Selected Player Money – X
Create Explosion at Selected Player – E
Warp Into Selected Player’s Vehicle – L
Set Selected Player on Fire – C
Kick Player – K

{——————————————————-Mod 1 Dr Jigsaw’s Custom Script———————————————-}

*You must have God Mode enabled on both the keyboard “I” and the controller, Dpad Right + Y, in order to have full God Mode.
**In order for Rapid Fire RPGs to work, enable the Unlimited Clip ONLY on the controller, not both keyboard and controller
***While using Unlimited Clip on the controller, do not go to the grenade/Molotov. You will freeze***

Dpad Right + A – Rapid Fire (Don’t go to grenade, you will freeze)
Dpad Left + A – Change Player Model to Niko
Dpad Down + A – Spawn Infernus
Dpad Left + B – Change Player Model to Stripper
Dpad Right + B – Player Invisible/Visible
Dpad Down + B – Spawn Sultan RS
Dpad right + Y – Invincibility On/Off
Dpad Down + Y – Sapwn Rancher
Dpad Right + X – Auto-Aim on/off+ Color Changer
Dpad Down + X – Spawn Neons
LB + A – Fix Vehicle
LB – B – Police on/off
LB + Y – Teleport Out Of Current Vehicle
LB + X – Remove Vehicle Invincibility
RB + A – TBoGT Weapons
RB + B – TLaD Weapons
RB + Y – Poor Weapons
RB + X – Advanced Weapons
LS + RS – Teleport to Sultan RS Location <<<<< wouldnt suggest using this (bring up script loader & teleports you.) LS + A - Spawn Sultan RS with Hippo Bin + Teleport to Prison Cage LS + B - Teleport to Boulevard LS + Y - Teleport to Middlepark LS + X - Teleport to Happiness Island RS + Dpad Left - Teleport to Firefly Island RS + Dpad Right - Teleport to Charge Island RS + Dpad Up - Teleport to Helitours RS + Dpad Down - Teleport to Start Junction LS + RS - Vehicle Helper on/off LT + RB - Make Explosion At Your Location RT + Y - Spawn Gay-Pedestrians that fight with baseball bats RT + X - Spawn Prisoner with gun {---------------------------------------------------Mod 2---Object Spawner----------------------------------------------} Object Spawner Ragdoll = R Gravity = comma ( , ) Weather = backspace Spawn ped = A (random model/weapon, only becomes aggressive if you shoot or target/aim at them) Change vehicle color = period ( . ), hold it down to continue changing Need for speed mode = D (only a button toggle, use RT after enabling) Increase vehicle speed = RT - right trigger ON CONTROLLER (need for speed mode must be on) Object menu = Q to enter M for next object B for previous object Enter to spawn Esc to exit *NOTE: These below are for the LAST created or spawned object only, if you spawn another object you can not go back Object controls = Numpad 7 - Delete object Numpad 8 - Move object forwards Numpad 2 - Move object backwards Numpad 4 - Move object left Numpad 6 - Move object right Numpad 1 - Decrease object's x-axis rotation Numpad 0 - Increase object's x-axis rotation Numpad - (minus) - Decrease object's z-axis rotation Numpad + (plus) - Increase object's z-axis rotation Numpad 9 - Raise object Numpad 3 - Lower object Attach object to vehicle = Numpad 5 Attach object to player = O *NOTE: Object will keep current rotation and height when attaching so player can fully customize {---------------------------------------------------------Mod 3----Airbrake------------------------------------------------} Right Stick+A To Turn on Fly Mode Nav Move Left Dpad+Left Move Right Dpad+Right Move Forward Dpad+Down Move Back Dpad+Down Move Up RB Move Down LB {---------------------------------------------------Mod 3---SCO Manager-----------------------------------------------} Controll Quick Commads Godemode (A)+Dpad Left Clear Police (A)+Dpad Right -------------------------------------- SCO Nav Content Garage Shop Mod+ Location points on the map Once you have Enabled Garage shop mod you can customize you car modify ect XYZH Coords Show's you XYZ {------------------------------------------------------------Credit's------------------------------------------------------------} Dr Jigsaw x Dr VaNisH KNOWN ISSUES WITH V1.0 _______________________________ GTA 4 must be fully updated to use this script. This script will work in all game modes. Activating commands requires simply pushing the corresponding control on the keyboard. Menus are single lined items, the entries can be manipulated by simply moving to the required entry and pushing a specific control to activate said feature on the selected entry. Accessing any menus such as the player menu, vehicle spawner menu, or model changer menu will halt continuous processes such as the invincibility zone setter, vehicle helper, and unlimited clip giver. Some functionality requires you to be the host of the game, such as giving your player money, giving other players money, and kicking other players. Creating explosions at a selected player's location will not work if they are out of range. Some may experience unresponsive behaviour and "sticking" when you activate a command or escape a menu, the cause of this is unknown but by simply stopping to perform any commands for a short time e.g. 10 seconds will allow the text to "reset" and it will reappear as normal again. You cannot get unlimited grenades or Molotovs by using unlimited clip. It appears to freeze if you attempt to spawn a boat and then another vehicle, while you are in the boat, but this may have just been a one-off glitch. You must be host and in a ranked game in order to give yourself or other players money. You must be host to kick players. After a while, you may experience lag out of fire and explosions, if this happens then simply re-joining the game will fix this problem. This "lag out" problem can also cause you to be unable to change your model and have other players see it change. The airport health collector does not work as planned. There appears to be an unusual glitch with the car spawner, where one will spawn a car and other players will see a large clump of vehicles attached to the player. Freezing shortly follows. Not much is known about this bug. Rockstar appear to be removing people from leaderboards and deranking those who have been ranked up in a small amount of time. Auto-aim toggling and auto-aim in general appears to stop working after you change your model. There are known player menu freezing issues that occur sometimes. Sometimes the player menu may fail to update when players leave the game, if this happens then press esc and wait a while and then reload the menu. PLEASE READ SOME OF THE SCRIPT FAQS in the GTA IV FAQS if you still have any further questions