Call of Duty: World at War – Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions that I’ve compiled together for users to find their answers easily on this page, rather than having to ask a support team member directly. Nothing is wrong with that, but sometimes we are not available to assist you.

What console are these mods for?
Xbox 360

Can I use these mods on a Regular or Slim Xbox 360?
You can use them on any Xbox 360 Console. (After hotswapping, or if you have a flashed drive)

My console is not flashed or modded, can I still use these mods?
Yes you can by “hotswapping”. [view video on how to hotsawp]

Will I get banned for modding CoD WaW?
Only if you play with your mods in a PUBLIC match. You must be HOST in a private Nazi Zombie Match

What game modes are these mods for?
Nazi Zombies. It’s recommended to play on “Der Riese” for gameplay stability.

Do I need to download any map packs?
Like I said earlier, it’s highly recommended to play on “Der Riese” because other maps freeze on occasion

I don’t want to make my own ISO, or buy a disc. Can I just join a lobby for free?
Yes you can! Send a request for an invite via Xbox LIVE Message to any of the lobby hosters listed on the CoD: WaW Modding homepage.

Do these mods work after the latest patch?
Yes they do.

How do I know this is not a scam?
I use Premium PayPal Merchant Services where you can track and monitor your packages. You can also file disputes and claims. Most importantly, your purchases are insured by PayPal, and they will make sure that you are satisfied with your transactions.

Where can I see what other buyers and users have to say about these mods?
Click here to see some of the feedback I have received from buyers and users

I don’t have a PayPal account… Can I still purchase these mods?
Yes you can. When you click the “Buy It Now!” PayPal button, there is an option to use your credit/debit card instead.

I don’t live in the United States can I still buy these mods?
I ship modded ISO’s worldwide! I have formats for all regions.

How long until my order will be processed and then finally shipped?
Your order will be processed within 1-12 hours of your order.

How long does shipping generally take?
Within the USA>>
Regular Shipping: 2-7 BUSINESS DAYS (via USPS First Class Mail)
Express Shipping 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS GUARANTEED (via USPS Priority Mail)
Outside the USA>>
Regular Shipping only: 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS (via USPS First Class International Mail)
Also, ALL international orders get proof of shipment and USA tracking until it leaves the USA.

I just got my ISO in the mail, or I’ve completed burning it… How do I play the mods on my Xbox?
You need to clear your system cache, hotswap your ISO and install your game. Watch the video tutorial: [click here to view video]

I don’t have a flashed or modded Xbox, do I have to hotswap the disc EVERYTIME when I want to play CoD WaW?
No. When you first hotswap the disc, it’s extremely advisable that you install your modded ISO to your hard drive so that when it’s done installing you can close up your Xbox and then use the REAL disc (you bought from a store) to start up the game. The Xbox will play the game off of the hard drive where you installed your mods.

I DO have a flashed and/or modded Xbox, do I still have to hotswap?
No, because your flashed drive can play the modded ISO directly without hotswapping.

Do you guys offer an Xbox 360 flashing service?
Yes we do! Look here [click here to go to the flashing service page]

Where can I find an ISO download for this game?
Don’t worry DF Custom Mod now hosts full ISO downloads on the “Full ISO downloads” page: [go to ISO download page here]

I’m and advanced user and I’m trying to burn my own ISO; How do I implement these mod files onto my ISO?
Watch this video tutorial: [view video here]

I’m already done with all the file implementation, but now I can’t even burn the disc because I get I/O errors, or the disc will stop burning randomly. What’s wrong?
[DDET (Click here to expand the text and see some of our solutions to these problems)]
Some users report problems with installing their mods or failed writing (burning) sequences when burning their discs. It’s because that some Xbox 360 Consoles are not compatible with some DVD+R DL brand discs like Memorex.

The DF Custom Modding Support team highly recommends Verbatim brand discs. They are 100% reliable at ANY write speed and work with ANY Xbox 360 Console DVD drive (after hotswap or if you have a flashed drive)

They are slightly more expensive than some other brands, but they are worth it and you can take our word for it. Over 100+ modded discs that were Verbatim have been sold with no problems reported!

You can find them at most electronic stores and online on websites like, or

Also another common problem can occur when your IMG Burn software doesn’t have layer breaks specified. Watch this video: [click here to view video]

I really like your services and I’d like to donate to you. Where and how can I donate?
Donate here: [click here to go to the donate page]

I couldn’t find an answer to my question, is it okay to contact a support team member?
Of course it is! You can e-mail us, or talk to us in the live chatroom!