Customer Service/Live chatroom Policies


Customer Service/Live chatroom Policies:

Section A.

I. We have the right to refuse services such as ISO purchases, disc replacements and customer assistance for customers that are disrespectful towards our staff. This includes our chatroom and our contact e-mail.

II. Disorderly conduct in our chatroom will result in a ban from using our live chat.
Examples for bannable actions include but are not limited to the following:
-Excessive spamming
-Griefing (also known as “trolling”)
-Any other disorderly conduct that keeps our customers from being assisted.
-Being disrespectful towards DF Modding staff.

III. We have a strict ZERO-TOLERANCE rule in place for our moderators/administrators to enforce these expectations.

IV. Your Chatroll profile must not have links or advertisements to any other website, that goes for admins and moderators as well. Please remove all ties to other modding websites or else you will be banned.

Section B.

I. Do not private message other users or try to use the public chat to find other means of communication to promote other websites and/or mods. This includes getting guests and other users to talk with you through private chat on another instant messaging app such as Skype, AIM, MSN or any other.

II. This may include, but is not limited to:
Asking to add someone to their skype.
Asking someone to go to their YouTube Account.
Asking someone for their Xbox LIVE gamertag or any other gaming username.**
Asking someone to subscribe to their YouTube Account.

Unless your intentions are not related to any other modding group, website, creator then it may be allowed under extenuating circumstances that you purely do not intend to promote other mods.

**As this is a modding community to network with other DF Mod users, you may only share gamertag information for the sole purposes of social networking with players, or to play with other DF Mod users. However, chatroom moderators and administrators reserve the right to use their discretion to decide if your intentions are for those purposes only.

III. Moderators and administrators must still follow the same rules and regulations as guests and should be disciplined as such if necessary.

IV. If we suspect that you are about to conduct any sort of griefing or any action listed above our moderators/administrators have the right to prevent you from doing so. Some tips to avoid that:
-DO NOT create a user name that is obviously meant for greifing

V. We only give support and advice to users who have purchased/downloaded and are using our products. If you are using another mod team’s mods, you may not directly ask questions regarding those mods. If you need to do that then you should ask the mod team who manufactured the mods you require help with, you will not be helped with those questions, and will be ignored.

-Do not talk about other mod team’s or any other user’s mods besides DF Mods.
-Do not talk about or ask where to get other mods
-We will not help or inquire about other mods other than DF Mods.


Being able to speak directly with our team and other modders is a privilege, not a right! Please be kind and respectful or else you will be banned from our social services.

We have the right to ban those who do not abide by these policies.
We also have the right to ban you from accessing the entire website.

So please, follow these rules!